Ministry of Defense
For the Ministry of Defense, inflatable tents and modules are being manufactured for accommodation - placement of special equipment  - headquarters  - shelters.
  • Depending on the period of use of the tents on the terrain, materials with different characteristics are used.

  • For use in the regions of the Far North, fabrics that are particularly resistant to frost are used and for southern regions with high temperatures special selection is also made.

  • The color scheme meets the need for camouflage.

  • All tents and shelters are manufactured in a wide range: from one person shelter to missile launcher shelter.
Ministry of Emergency Situations
For the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense, a special line of tents is produced for the organization of Operational Headquarters in the area of ​​rescue operations.
  • Operational control points for holding meetings and teleconferences.

  • Tents and modules for accommodating refugees and warming the victims.

  • Various special means for rescue and survival in disaster areas.
For medicine, there is a whole line of special-purpose tents and modules.
  • These are mobile medical aid stations.

  • Modules for sanitization and disinfection.

  • Hospital boxes, wards and procedure rooms for receiving patients.

  • Washing boxes, mobile hospitals for up to 50 people and many other things.
For agriculture, we manufacture:
  • shelters for storing crops during the seasonal harvest;

  • sorting points;

  • huts for accommodation of workers;

  • open and closed reservoirs.
Construction and housing and utilities
Tents, modules, garages, hangars are produced for builders and housing and communal services structures, which are used in hard-to-reach areas of our country and in permafrost regions. The range of tents includes the possibility of creating mobile infrastructure in the areas of development and construction, where there is no possibility of delivery by conventional transport.
  • Shacks, bath complexes, toilets, canteens and farm blocks.

  • Warehouses, repair shops, car garages.

  • Shelters for repair of communication systems in year-round mode.

  • Large construction camps delivered by helicopters.
For aviation the production of special modules for preventive maintenance and repair of aircraft engines and landing gear at sub-zero temperatures and where there is no possibility to use stationary hangars. The range is designed for all types of civilian aircraft.
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